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Beauty Review | Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Fluid for Sensitive Skin

Apparently it’s summer here in the UK. Hard to guess when you look outside. One of my resolutions this year is to wear sunscreen to protect my skin against sun damage. Don’t fall into the hype that if you are dark skinned then you are naturally protected against the sun. After a day out out in the sun without sunscreen my skin can vouch for me that sun protection is a must regardless of your skin colour. Now unless you live under a rock you will be aware that the Olympics are currently going on. Here in the UK the athletes are vigorously promoting various brands. I recently came across a magazine advert for Olay that featured Jessica Ennis. She was promoting the Olay essentials moisturizer with an added SPF 15. I have been using the Olay nourishing beauty fluid for many years so was pleasantly surprised to find that they also did a moisturizer with sun protection.

Olay describe their moisturizer : “Gives your skin everything it needs most to look healthy and beautiful while helping to calm dry sensitive skin and protect it against daily incidental sun exposure.”

This moisturizer is so much creamier than the beauty fluid. I love its consistency and how it feels on my skin. The bottle is quite modern looking showing how much Olay is continuing to evolve. For me what stands out is that it is especially formulated for sensitive skin and that it protects me against the sun. Anyone who is familiar with this blog knows that I am not fond of conventional sun screens. I find them too thick and they make my skin look discoloured. So far I am pleased with this moisturizer and have already bought a second bottle to use as soon as my current one finishes.  🙂


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