Beauty Review | Graftobian HD Creme 18 Colour Super Palette in Warm

 Being a woman of colour one of things that I find most difficult is trying to find a foundation that exactly matches my skin tone. I have searched high and low but to no avail. One of my favourite make-up artists is Scott Barnes and he has a technique where he uses three foundation colours on his clients’ face. He uses these colours as a base foundation, to highlight and to contour. I took inspiration from this and thought why not use more than one foundation to get the right tone to match me? The best way for me to do this was to buy a foundation palette.

So, what foundation palette did I go for? Well after much research I came across the Graftobian 18 Colour Super Palette Foundation. 18 shades of foundation with ‘warm’ tones.  What’s great about this palette is that it is HD. Great for those close up shots. It allows me to mix and match until I can get the perfect colouring to match my skin tone.

The foundation is surprisingly very light. It’s build-able so you can go from a light coverage to a more heavy coverage. The best way to apply the foundation is with a sponge rather than a brush. This is because this allows you have more of a natural and flawless finish.  Not only can you use this palette as a foundation but it also acts as concealer thanks to the build-able coverage. Word of warning, this palette has no sun protection. Therefore if wearing it in the day it’s good to wear sun screen with it. on the upside, no SPF means you can use flash photography to your heart’s content.  The only thing that i found a bit off is that although there is a groove for a brush in the palette, there is no brush. However if you wish maybe you can put your own brush in there.


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